Give your team members access to Shipright to log product feedback and to allow them to revisit important product feedback (specific customer needs, requests, and pain points).

Inviting your team members allows them to:

  • Add feedback they get from customers via the app or browser extension
  • Comment and respond to requests
  • Receive important updates on requests (such as status changes) when they're following a request – which happens automatically when they've created a new request or ever added a user or customer with feedback to an existing request
  • Get a weekly digest with that shares requests gaining traction, and updates of the requests they follow

Invite new users by:

1. Accessing 'Settings' and 'Team' via the avatar on the bottom left corner

2. Fill out the usual input fields and pick their 'Area of expertise'. The user will get an account activation email (expires after 14 days) and will be welcomed with getting started information specific to their area of expertise.

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