With Shipright we help you and your colleagues to track product feedback in one organized place. It helps generate a holistic view upon important feature requests, customer needs, and pain points. This helps customer-focused product teams address important needs and increase customer satisfaction.

Logging product feedback

The browser extension Shipright Catch makes it super fast for anyone in the company to log feature requests, needs, and pain points expressed by users. It helps store such feedback in seconds instead of minutes (or even worse: not tracking them at all). Read more in detail on capturing product feedback exactly works right here.

When feedback is submitted, Shipright keeps the respective team member in the loop on whatever happens with that feedback through e-mail digests.

Customer Success, Support, and Sales might especially benefit from this, since it allows them to stay informed on the amount of similar requests encountered by colleagues. It also helps close the feedback loop with customers since they'll be notified on status changes of Insights (e.g. a request getting marked as 'in progress'). Read more about the benefits for customer-facing team members right here.

Once you sign in for the first time, we'll guide you through the installation and a quick example of how to use the extension.

Gaining Insight for product decisions

By logging product feedback, the product/engineering team(s) will have one repository for a holistic view upon requests, needs, or pain points logged from all customer touch points.

They can easily see what matters most (by means of feedback volume) to what customers (through segmentation) and why (having all the feedback quotes and links back to the source / conversations).

The repository of Insights is also useful when product initiatives have already been planned, and there's a need to look for all the feedback related to a certain product component or feature. Since you can easily see all the feedback and the customers that expressed it, this could be your starting point for further user research as well.

Typically, Shipright helps product teams answer questions such as:

  • Who else from our customers mentioned request 'x'?
  • What do our Pro plan users request most often?
  • What overall feedback did we get about feature 'y' in our app?
  • Where can I find all product feedback from our enterprise customer 'z'?
  • Who complained about the usability of our Charts feature that we can follow up with for user research?

Read more about the benefits for product teams in this article.

If you have any questions, feel free to start a chat conversation through the chat bubble on the bottom right, or send an e-mail.

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