Shipright helps you and your team to track product feedback in one, organized place. This way, the product team can easily discover what features or pain points matter most to each customer segment, in order to build better products faster. It will also help the whole team to stay up-to-date on what happens with the feedback.

To get access, ask a colleague to invite you into the team's Shipright workspace. If your team does not have a workspace yet, sign up here.

Submitting product feedback

Shipright Catch, our browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, makes it super easy to log feature requests, needs, and pain points that bubble up in when talking with users. You can store feedback in seconds instead of minutes like before (or even worse: not tracking it at all). Read more in detail on capturing product feedback right here.

When you submit feedback from the tool you are working in (like Intercom, Zendesk, Hubspot, SalesForce, etc), Shipright will keep you in the loop on whatever happens with that feedback through e-mail digests.

This also helps close the feedback loop with customers since you'll be notified on status changes of Requests (e.g. marked as 'in progress'). Read more about the benefits for customer-facing team members right here.

Once you open your invite mail, we'll guide you through the installation and a quick example of how to use the extension.

Using Requests for product decisions

When product feedback is being logged, the product team will end up with one repository that provides a holistic view upon requests, needs, or pain points from all customers.

You can easily see what matters most to what customers (even in a specific segment) and why. The overview of feedback quotes gives deep insights about a topic, and you can link back to the original conversation for more context.

The repository of Requests is also useful when product initiatives have already been planned, and there's a need to look for context on a product component or feature. You can easily see all the feedback and the customers that expressed it, which you could use for further user research as well.

Typically, Shipright helps product teams answer questions such as:

  • Who else from our customers mentioned request 'X'?
  • What do our Pro plan users request most often?
  • What overall feedback did we get about feature 'Y' in our app?
  • Where can I find all product feedback from our enterprise customer 'Z'?
  • Who complained about the usability of our Charts feature that we can follow up with for user research?

Read more about the benefits for product teams in this article.

If you have any questions, feel free to start a chat conversation through the chat bubble on the bottom right, or send an e-mail.

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