In Shipright, using the 'Status' feature on a Request is a useful way to show what phase a Request is in.

In your overview of Requests, you can filter your Requests on these values by using the 'status' filter on the left.

Status will help you distinguish on Requests that you're still collecting new feedback for (open), are considering to address (under review), taking initiative on (in progress), or that you have fully addressed (completed).

Keeping everyone in the loop

All of your team members that are following a particular Request, will be updated by e-mail when the status changes.

For Customer Success, Support, Sales or other customer-facing team members, this might even help to inform end-users/customers about any progress on feedback they have provided — e.g. when a Request is fully addressed and marked 'completed'. All of the users that provided feedback, can be found under the 'Feedback' section of a Request.

In future updates, we'll help you:

  • Customize status values
  • Simplify the way you can inform your users when Insights get addressed
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