Requests cover important product feedback. It can be a feature request, need, or pain point related to the product.

Using the 'follow' feature, we allow you to stay up-to-date on Requests that matter to you. You can do this by clicking the follow button in the top right of a Request:

If you add feedback to a Requests (via the Shipright Catch extension), you'll auto-follow that particular Request, so you'll always stay up-to-date on whatever happens with it.

Everyone following a Request, will be updated by e-mail digests when the status changes or new feedback gets added.

For Customer Success, Support, Sales or other customer-facing team members, this keeps them posted on how often colleagues hear similar requests from their accounts. It even helps close the feedback loop with end-users/customers, since since everyone involved will be informed about status changes. E.g. when a Request is fully addressed and marked 'completed', this is a great opportunity to communicate back to the user/customer that provided feedback around the Request.

All of the customers that provided feedback, can be found under the 'Feedback' section of a Request.

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