If you're using Intercom, chances are you already have rich customer/user profiles within it. You probably also get a ton of valuable feedback in via support e-mail and live chat.

Turning on the Intercom integration currently has two main benefits:

  • Sync users & companies – Information about your users is pulled from Intercom. This allows you to filter and segment feedback based on user info.
  • Discover similar feedback (closed beta) – Shipright will suggest similar feedback found in Intercom to enrich your Requests.

We'll add more benefits and will use more of the meta data within Intercom to enrich your Request overview over time.

Turning on the Intercom integration

  1. Go to your 'Settings' menu by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the app
  2. Under 'Integrations' click the 'Connect with Intercom' button.
  3. Authorize Shipright to connect with Intercom.
    A new window will pop up requesting you to give Shipright permission to get relevant data from Intercom (we only request data that is necessary for functionality in Shipright, and we won't store or use it anywhere else). Click 'Connect' to do so.

You'll now be connected to Intercom. We'll sync your users and the meta data, so you can use this for filtering purposes of your Requests. Conversations will from now on be synced in the background to then suggest relevant feedback in the Discover tab of the app once you gathered enough feedback to give recommendations.

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