If you're using Intercom, chances are that all or a majority of your user / customer base is in there. Turning on the Intercom integration syncs your user base.

The reason we sync your users, is that it makes it super easy for anyone to add existing users to requests with all of their details – name, company, email, without having to add those details manually for each user that's not yet in the Shipright platform – which obviously happens often if you just start out.

Syncing of 'User tags'

With the current integration, we also sync the user tags from Intercom for each of your users automatically. These user tags will get added as 'Types' to your users in Shipright.

They will remain up-to-date based on what happens in your Intercom workspace. 'Types' that you add manually in Shipright, will not get synced to your Intercom workspace.

These 'Types' can then be used to segment your list of requests and feedback quotes on a request. We'll explain more about that in this article.

Turning on the Intercom integration

1. Go to your 'Settings' menu by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the app

2. Under 'Integrations' click the 'Connect with Intercom' button.

3. Authorize Shipright to connect with Intercom.
A new window will pop up requesting you to give Shipright permission to get relevant data from Intercom (we only request data that is necessary for functionality in Shipright, and we won't store or use it anywhere else). Click 'Connect' to do so.

You'll now be connected to Intercom. We'll sync your users and the meta data! 🎉

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