A lot of modern-day (B2B) SaaS companies care a lot about their customers/users. We've seen a lot of customer-facing team members tasked to track or submit product-related feedback for the product/engineering teams. Often-times, this happens through messy spreadsheets, Trello boards, or project management tools. 

The problem is, logging this product feedback for the product/engineering team, often isn't the primary task or priority. Using the before-mentioned alternatives therefore isn't ideal, because:

  1. It's needed to switch tabs and visit another Web app than the one that is used (e.g. a support / CRM system)
  2. It's often-times needed to see if the feedback fits under existing requests to group it together, which is quite a search and takes time (since everyone uses different lingo)
  3. Additional meta data of the customer that provided the feedback often needs to be logged manually
  4. They might not hear anything back regarding the feedback over the long term and are left in the dark.

These inconvenient and time-consuming tasks + the lack of reward, causes a lot of customer-facing team members to often skip logging feedback at all. Or feedback is logged, but parts of the meta data that make it particularly useful are skipped (customer type, revenue, subscription plan etc.). And rightfully so.

With the Shipright Catch browser extension, we solve for all of these inefficiencies. Capturing feedback now takes seconds, and it keeps you in the loop on anything you've submitted automatically through e-mail digests.

By keeping customer-facing team members informed about the status of requests, it also allows for closing the feedback loop with customers.

When the Status of a Request changes to 'In Progress' or 'Completed' for example, all team members that logged feedback related to the Request will be informed. This allows for informing the respective accounts/customers that provided the feedback. It keeps the account involved and affects customer loyalty in a positive way (or helps you gather enthusiastic beta testers for a new feature).

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