When you enable the integration with Intercom, we automatically sync your users and the meta data, so you can use this for filtering purposes of your Requests. However, it is possible that you can't find the user in the filter menu. Here are two possible reasons why:

  1. The user hasn't been synced yet. It may take up to a few hours, particularly when you recently enabled the integration.
  2. The user exists multiple times in your Intercom workspace. This can happen, as Intercom does not require unique email addresses for your users.

Shipright does require a unique email address for each user, so we import just one of the duplicated users. Whichever we encounter first. Whenever the duplicated user is involved in an Intercom conversation, we substitute that user for the same user who has been imported already. This way we keep your data in Shipright clean.

Note that the duplicated persons in Intercom may not share the same name, even though they are the same person. For example, one user could be called John Doe whereas the other is called J. Doe. Keep this in mind when searching for a user in the filter menu in Shipright.  

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