Slack is a great team communication tool. It's likely that lots of useful customer feedback is already shared there by your team members. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the requests as they keep coming in. Shipright can assist you with this if you use our Slack integration.

Turning on the Slack integration currently has two main benefits:

  • Organize your customer feedback – easily import customer feedback from Slack into Shipright, so that you can keep track of requests in a nicely organized place.
  • Keep your team members up-to-date – every time customer feedback gets added to Shipright we will post it to Slack, so your whole team will be kept in the loop.

Turning on the Slack integration

  1. Login to your Shipright workspace.
  2. Go to your 'Settings' menu by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the app.
  3. Under 'Integrations' click the 'Connect with Slack' button.
  4. Authorize Shipright to connect with Slack.
  5. A new window will pop up requesting you to give Shipright permission to get relevant data from Slack (we only request data that is necessary for functionality in Shipright, and we won't store or use it anywhere else). We also need to know in which Slack channel we should post notifications. Choose the channel and then click 'Allow' to activate the integration.

If everything went well, a welcome message should appear in the Slack channel that you selected. From now on, whenever feedback gets added to Shipright, it will also be posted in the Slack channel. This helps you to keep everyone on your team up-to-date.

Sending in feedback from Slack to Shipright

In addition to Shipright posting newly received feedback to Slack, it's also possible to send in feedback from Slack to Shipright. This is especially useful if not everyone in your team is a Shipright member yet. It's also useful when they're accustomed to sharing the customer feedback directly in Slack, as it enables you to quickly store this feedback in Shipright as well.

This video shows how you can send in feedback from Slack to Shipright:

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