Once you start using Shipright, we try and help you avoid any duplicate requests in the first place. If you're using our feedback portla, and users start filling out a suggestion there, we show them the existing requests that are already on the list and might be similar. This allows them to just add their vote and feedback to the existing one.

The same goes for the browser extension that your internal team members might use. When they're typing out the title of the request, we're suggesting ones that might be similar, so they can add the user and their feedback to that respective request, instead of creating a duplicate.

That saves a bunch of time and effort already! Less things to manage. Yay! 🎉

How to merge two or multiple requests together

In case you do end up with requests that are similar (but are worded differently e.g.), you can merge them.

1. First, select the requests you'd like to merge from the overview.

2. After you selected your requests, you can merge the requests by clicking the 'merge' button that now shows on the top of the list

🚨 Important note: when you merge requests, you're asked for the new title. All data gets merged (users, feedback, themes). The only thing that we're not merging for you are the descriptions (we might improve this later).

This means: if you want to stick to a description of one of the existing requests, make sure to copy it before merging, and then paste it into the merged request

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