Once you start out with Shipright and you decided to use the portal, we guide you through setting up the name and url of the feedback portal (shipright.community/yourcompany), the logo & colors, and privacy settings. It will end up looking something like this:

Once the portal is set up, it's time to 'install' your portal. It's important your users can easily find it, and are aware it exists for them to provide you feedback.

The only thing you need to is link to your feedback portal from your own app or website. Put the link somewhere it's easy to find. Typically: as part of your 'help' menu or the settings menu that shows when clicking your profile avatar, or just directly in your main navigation.

Here's an example on how we apply it in our help menu:

That's all there is to making it part of your app! 🎉

Other places to share your portal

We have a couple of tips for you to make sure you get closer to your user and understand what they'd like to see. There are a few great places to share your feedback portal:

1. Your newsletter or product updates

Are you sending out regular newsletters or product updates via mail? Make sure to include a quick paragraph in the top or bottom of your email to ask people for their feedback pro-actively and keep track of the status of their suggestions.

A quick paragraph to get you started:

"We truly hope you enjoy our new updates! If you have any feedback or suggestions for us on how to improve our product, go visit our new feedback portal! It lets you easily add any ideas, and stay informed on its status"

2. Running an online user community?

If you're running a community on Discord, Spectrum, Slack, Facebook, or any other platform, this is a great place to promote your feedback portal.

Within such communities feedback is often already shared, but it gets lost in the trenches and is hard to keep track of (who said what? how often were similar things mentioned?).

You might want to consider making your portal the place for community members to submit their ideas or feedback when it comes to product improvements. This is an improvement in regards to moderation, and helps you to actually act and communicate on the status of all the things your community members are sharing.

You could think of a 'pinned message' in your 'feature-requests' or 'feedback' channel that you might currently have. The message can explain and refer users to add or upvote suggestions on your portal.

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