Conversations with your customers (via customer success / support or sales people e.g.) contain useful insights for your product. It's a good practice to make sure they end up in Shipright so you won't forget to make use of these insights. 

With a specific Shipright e-mail address for your team, you (and your team mates) will be able to actually forward any insightful e-mail.

You can find the Shipright e-mail address by clicking on the green plus button in your Dock, then clicking on Forward E-mails.

Setup automatic forwarding for all support e-mail

If your support e-mail comes in through a single address (such as, you can set up your e-mail provider to forward all incoming e-mails to Shipright, which won't influence your existing support workflow. Have a look at the documentation for Google Apps or Office 365 to see how to do that. You can find the delivery address for forwarding in the setup e-mail that we've sent you (the one with your password).

Using a different platform? Please let us know using chat (bottom right bubble) or We'd be glad to help out.

Manually forward e-mails from which you'd like to extract insights

You (or your team mates) can always choose to manually forward an e-mail to the Shipright e-mail address mentioned in your profile settings. The message will be stored and ready for further inspection & analysis in your Shipright Dock.

Importing other data into Shipright

If you come across a type of user feedback that you cannot forward using e-mail easily, please contact us using chat (bottom right bubble) or We'll try to help you get the data in, and also consider adding integrations that make this easier for you. As Shipright is just getting started, we try to learn from you which integrations are most relevant before building them. Your feedback on that is much welcomed.

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