Nowadays user feedback can be spread over many channels. Shipright still lacks support for many of them. We understand it's difficult if you want to import data from a tool you use and can't find a way to do so.

If you come across a type of user feedback or research document that you cannot forward using e-mail, submit using the Shipright Catch browser extension, or import from CSV, please let us help. Give us a shout using chat (bottom right bubble) or We'll try to help you get the data in, and also consider adding integrations that make this easier for you. With Shipright we try to learn from you which integrations are most relevant before building them. Your feedback on that is much welcomed.

You can also vote via this form (1 min) for the next integration.

Sorry for the inconvenience right now, we promise to make things easier and are there to help you out manually for now!

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