Good job captain ⚓️! Surveys are great for collecting user input. Now it's time to get that survey data into Shipright and analyze the results. To get started click on the green plus button in your Dock, then select Add Survey. You can also use this for interview responses stored in a spreadsheet.

Here you can batch import the survey responses in 3 simple steps:

1 - Upload file

First, double check your CSV-file to see if it is in the right format to be imported successfully. If you're in doubt, have a look at our example survey data. Make sure the responses are separate rows, and there is one header row which contains the questions / fields. If your spreadsheet is flipped (responses in separate columns), you can look for the Transpose or Rotate function of your spreadsheet editor.

Then, simply drag 'n drop your file into the dashed box and hit Next.

2 - Select Columns

Here you can review the column headers that were extracted from the CSV-file and see a preview entry to validate.

Select the Shipright property that corresponds to each relevant header. This mapping will be used for each individual entry during the import process.   

Extra pointers:

  • Make sure you have at least one Question / Answer property assigned
  • In case you don't have the respondent's first and last names separately, select (First) Name as the associated Shipright property

Hit Next again to proceed.

3 - Confirm

Finally, validate if the displayed total number of entries matches the actual number of survey responses. Optionally, you may provide a name that will be used as the title for the generated document for each survey response (per person).

What will be the result of importing?

After you successfully imported your survey, all your survey responses are available in the Dock. All questions and answers in a single response are combined into one unit of input:

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