If you're using Intercom, chances are you get tons of valuable feedback in via support and live chat. You can use our Intercom integration to get all these conversations (or just the ones that are already tagged in some way in Intercom) into Shipright. This is also a great way to collaborate with your support / customer success teammates, which can contribute this way to a better understanding of the end users, without them having to adopt new tooling.

Having Intercom conversations in one place with other user feedback & conversations will allow you to easily find relevant feedback and will allow you to store similar observations as an Insight in Shipright.

A few examples:

  • Find out about similar bugs or feature requests
  • Discover recurring needs over all of your data (and save them as an Insight to take action now or later)
  • Find evidence for solutions or feature ideas you have
  • Store similar usability issues

Connecting with Intercom from Shipright:

1. Go to the '+' sign in your Dock in Shipright for adding data

2. Under 'Integrations', click the 'Intercom integration'

3. Authorize Shipright to connect with Intercom

A new window will pop up requesting you to give Shipright permission to get relevant data from Intercom (we only request data that is necessary for functionality in Shipright, and we won't store or use it anywhere else). Click 'Connect' to do so.

4. Pick what type of conversations you'd like to get into your Shipright Dock. You can pick 'all conversations' or only conversations that are 'tagged' in Intercom.

Note: We sync conversations from the past month (please contact us if you'd like to have more). New conversations will always be synced.

Syncing tagged messages only:

If you choose 'Only conversations with a tag' as setting for synchronization, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Conversations will be pulled in based on a tag applied to any message in the conversation (due to API limitations it is not possible to sync individual messages).
  • Only tags added to a message will be used to identify whether it should be synced to Shipright. Tags on a person in the conversation don't have effect whether the conversation will be synced. See the examples below:

How you should tag 👇

How you shouldn't tag 👇

When are conversations synced?

The moment you close a conversation in Intercom, it will be sent to Shipright. If you use the option to sync only tagged conversations, you'll need to apply these tags before you close the conversation in Intercom, or the sync will not work. 

Note that reopening and closing a conversation again will not update the conversation in Shipright, just like replying to an already closed conversation. If you do want to send a reopened Intercom conversation to Shipright, we advice you to use Shipright Catch to do so.

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