This article explains how to use Shipright Catch and make your workflow effective. To read more about installation & setup, read this article.

What can you use Shipright Catch for?

Whenever you encounter user feedback on a website or tool inside your browser, you can use Shipright Catch to store this feedback. That can be  your support/chat system like Intercom/Zendesk, social media like Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, in online articles or forum comments, (app store) reviews, etc. 

Ok, found some feedback, how to get it in Shipright?

Select the feedback, and click on the Shipright icon next to your address bar like this.

You can optionally indicate who provided the feedback, to give it some extra context. Also, you can edit the source field to give context about where this feedback came from.

What happens after you've sent feedback using Shipright Catch?

Feedback will stored as message in the Inbox tab in Shipright where you can find it somewhere on top. It may not be directly visibile, but will end up in the New workflow at some point in time as well.

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