User feedback and the specific product insights that it are in it, can be really valuable. Yet, if you can't distinguish between the types of users that provided the feedback e.g., it's not as useful.

That's why you're able to link user meta data to messages in your Shipright Dock.

That way, you can indicate whom of your users provided the feedback, connect them to the company they work for (if you're in B2B), and add additional 'types' that might be useful for:

  • Indicating a customer segment this user belongs to (e.g. Enterprise)
  • Indicating a persona this user would match with (e.g. Hipster Designer)
  • Indicating the subscription plan a user is on (e.g. Pro plan)
  • ... and anything else you can think of that's important to remember about the user that provided the feedback

Later on, you can use all of this meta data to filter your feedback in the Dock, to easily display feedback provided by your 'Enterprise' users e.g.

You can do the same in your Insights section, to easily view Insights that are derived from feedback provided by certain user segments only.

Do I need to this manually?

You can, but it's not always needed. The Intercom integration automatically adds metadata for you when available on the moment the conversation is synced.

Note on the Intercom integration: Shipright automatically adds users that are related to a conversation to Shipright. If you use tags on these users within Intercom, these tags will be automatically added under 'Type' in Shipright.

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