As an existing user, you might have noticed that setting up themes in a practical way has been somewhat cumbersome. Based on feedback, we've introduced grouping of themes to resolve that. Here's how to make use of theme groups.

Improved structure of insights

Insights can be seen as the patterns which you discover in feedback over time. Themes are simply ways to organize and filter on Insights; an easy way to browse through Insights, based on factors that are relevant for your prioritization. For instance, app components it relates to, or if that is the case, on which platform the problem occurs. 

Previously, themes belonging to each factor (such as app components, platform) were in one big list. Now, we've added groups so that related themes are in one group, with one distinct color.

How your existing themes have been upgraded

Your existing themes have been put in a group called Unsorted. Also, we've added new groups as examples (App Components, Platform, Quality Factors). You're free to choose your own groups, and can do so in the Manage Themes page (you can find it in the top menu in Insights).

In the theme mangement popup you can move existing themes from Unsorted to new groups by using drag & drop. Themes are sorted alphabetically within each group. It's also possible to add and remove themes or groups, or rename them.

For more info on the recommended theme setup, check out this article.

Still have questions?

Not clear how to group themes for your situation? Just drop us a message using in-app chat or We'd be glad to help you sort it out.

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