There are multiple ways to permanently delete info from Shipright, which can be required to comply with privacy legislation such as the EU GDPR.

Removing documents

In the Shipright Dock, you can hover over documents in the Inbox list and click on the archive icon that will pop up. This will move that document to the Archive, where you can hover over it and click on the waste bin to permanently remove the document.

Removing person information (audience)

People that are available for audience filtering are derived directly from the documents associated to these people. If you want to remove "John Doe" for instance, go to your Inbox in the Dock, and filter on "John Doe". For each document, you can remove "John Doe" from the About section on top, by clicking on the name. Once there are no documents left associated to "John Doe", he will be removed from the system and disappear from the audience filtering menus.

Removing users from your team

The Shipright Team Owner (usually the first user from your team), has controls to disable and enable user accounts via the Team Settings page (click on your profile in the left menu).
Coming shortly, a feature will be added to permanently delete user accounts. The name of a permanently deleted user will be anonymised on existing Insights or Highlights which were created by that user.

Remove entire workspace

By default, we keep a backup of your workspace up till 6 months after cancellation of your subscription or end of trial. This is to ensure that you can resume your work after some time of being inactive. Upon request, we can erase your data directly and close your account.

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