User feedback today can be found in many places: support or chat systems like Intercom/Zendesk, social media, in online articles or forum comments, (app store) reviews, etc. All these remarks by users help you understand their (implicit) concerns and needs, and is valuable information that you should not lose. Shipright Catch is a Firefox extension that enables you to send valuable feedback right from your browser, at the moment you encounter it.

Here's how to set it up.

1. Install the Firefox extension

Go to our Add-ons for Firefox page

2. Click on the Shipright icon and follow the setup steps

Click on the Shipright icon next to your address bar, and follow the instructions. There are two things that the extension will ask of you:

  1. Your Shipright Team Account: this is the URL (e.g. where you log in to use Shipright, which you can find in your welcome email. Enter the first part only, without "".
  2. Your Shipright Login Details. This is the same account you use to login into Shipright. If you don't have a Shipright account yet, ask your team owner to invite you.

Having trouble with the setup steps? We're ready to help you out if needed. Your team doesn't have a Shipright account yet? Shipright Catch is available only for beta members. Sign up if you want to be invited for the program.

3. Share with your team

Shipright Catch is a great way to let your entire team collaborate on gathering user feedback. You could for instance ask your customer success / support team members to share interesting conversations using the extension. Tip: send them an e-mail with a link to the store and the setup credentials now. This way you can make sure you won't lose any valuable user insights.

4. Start collecting user feedback

This article explains more about how you can use Shipright Catch to improve your workflow, and not loose any valuable user feedback. It also explains where the feedback ends up in Shipright.

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